Shy Girls Sweet Romances

Shy Girls Can't Date Popular Boys

YA Sweet Romance Short Story

Shy Girls Can't Date Billionaires

YA Enemies-to-Lovers Billionaire Sweet Romance

Shy Girls Can't Date at Christmas

YA High School Bully Second Chance Romance

Shy Girls Can't Date Frenemies

YA Best Friend's Brother, Enemies to Lovers Sweet Romance

Shy Girls Can't Date Billionaires

YA Billionaire Good Girl / Bad Boy, Forbidden Sweet Romance

Shy Girls Can't Date at Christmas

YA Boy Next Door, Fake Relationship Sweet Romance

In It Together

In A Mirror

Book 1

An emotionally gripping story about twin sisters.

In The Haze

Book 2

A story about grief and loss.

In It Together

Book 3

A heart-breaking story about sisterhood.

Holiday Together Short Story Collection

In A Mirror

A Prequel to In It Together

A Halloween Story

In The Spirit

An Epilogue to In It Together

A Christmas Story

In Secret

Coming Soon!

A Valentine's Day Story

Happily After When

Jazz: An Aladdin Retelling

Happily After When Book 1

Tropes: Hidden Identity, Opposites Attract, Clean Romantic Suspense. 

Aria: A Little Mermaid Retelling

Happily After When Book 2

Tropes: Forbidden Love, Found Family, Clean Romantic Suspense.

Cara: A Cinderella Retelling 

Happily After When Book 3

Tropes: Found Family Drama, LGBT Romantic Suspense.

Reading Order

Happily After When

The Happily After When series is a continuous series best read in publication order. The characters interconnect throughout the series and the books are episodic.

Publication Order:

  1. Jazz

  2. Aria

  3. Cara

In It Together & Holiday Together

The In It Together books are a continuous young adult series best read in order. The Holiday Together short stories accompany this series. You can read the series separately, however, for the best reading experience, read in this order:

  1. In A Mirror

  2. In Fiji

  3. In The Haze

  4. In Chills

  5. In It Together

  6. In The Spirit

These lists will be updated as more books are released.